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In a cocoon. Struggling, pushing, squeezing, trying to get out. The shell will not break.

I have something to reveal, something to show you. It is beautiful, awesome.

It is colourful and free.

It is obviously not time yet!


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I just want to leave this place, to be beside my beach again and walk the shores uninhibited. To see the children running, playing laughing. To feel the wind in my face, have the rain pour down and stand with my arms wide open to receive the anointing.

In chains again – how did I get here? Where did I go wrong? This time I don’t know how to get out. I can’t seem to pray. And when I pray, is it just self-talk? I missed something. Surely God had something better in mind. I can’t eat, I can’t run. I am wilting – like a flower that has received no water. I miss sorely my old church friends. I cannot tell them what is going on. Something has to give. Something will give. My heart is bleeding. Is my soul dying?

And yet God can raise the dead. He brought life to dry bones. He can bring life to these bones.

And I will yet praise him!

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