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Facing Ourselves

It is just an observation, the more I read the more I realise my dire need to get on my knees and pray. The more I read the more I realise my own life is good, that I have more than a lot of people and that my moanings and groanings are unnecessary and selfish. Be thankful!

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing and in everything give thanks for this is the will of Christ Jesus in you!

Hence, once again the need to get on my knees and talk to God, to lay it all out. To curl up as if on the palm of His hand and allow Him to take it all and to set me right. To know that He is in control and that He knows. He knows my every thought, word and deed. And He is picking out the muck in the process. This is not necessarily easy.

To face ourselves – our true selves – is like looking in a mirror and seeing every spot, wrinkle, blemish, wart, and so on. We want to cover it up, to hide it, find a good surgeon, to do a quick makeover. But it is still there. Only God in His true wisdom can cleanse and heal and make new again. Any covering up on our part will only be revealed again at a later time. The best thing to do is to allow God to do His work in His time and work with Him. It may be painful and slow. It may bring to mind things that we would rather suppress. BUT in the end, we will be clean, whole and useful, with nothing to hide.

God wants us to be shining lights in a dark world. How can we shine if we continue to hide ourselves away? This is not God’s intention for you. This is why He wants to do His work in you in order that He can work through you. Shy away no more and allow God to do His work.


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