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Holy Spirit

I see you there

Mist over the water

Waiting watching

In one breath

You become fire

Burning consuming

Not destroying

But making alive

Hiding God Himself.

Then you leave

Soaring over calm waters

Into the skies

So brilliant in their intensity

You disappear in the sun’s rays

Always leaving something of yourself behind.


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One day

Just take one day at a time for that is how I planned it.

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I am with you. Look at the streets of New York. They are not so bad. Brimming with life and colour. As is London. See Tokyo. Busy, yes. But even there I am working. You will find me in Paris, Edinburgh, Johannesburg…

Don’t be afraid. I will send you a friend. You will meet in unexpected circumstances. Stay close to him. He will comfort you. He will love you. Do not deny him for I love him and have given him great depth; even if it is not obvious. He will walk you through this life.

Bring hope. Bring life. Bring beauty. For you are these things. Take me with you and show me to the world with your unique perspective.

Do not be anxious, for I will teach you.

Now fly!

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Teach Me to Fly

I am on the edge of a cliff, looking out over a vast landscape of cities. Cities squashed together. It is early evening and the cities are sparkling with lights. I am really high up and standing on the very edge. I don’t want to go down. I like it up here. Closer to GOD. Closer to the skies. Closer to the heavens. Up here is freedom.

The wind blows on my face and I open my arms wide.

I know GOD wants me to go down there. I don’t want to. It is dirty. There is evil. I will get sucked in. I don’t know how to survive.

How can I stay pure and true to you in a place like that? Please don’t make me go.

But GOD said go!

And I flew down.

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