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As I walked through the Throne Room, I noticed immediately how thick the walls were. Thick stone, and very strong. An old Medieval castle. Down the walls on each side were stone lamp stands, each burning with fire. There were guards down each side as well in full suits of armour. I walked up the central aisle towards a staircase which led up to a throne. Thick stone steps. And the King came down towards me. I was also suited in armour. Inside the armour was what appeared to be like wings, as colourful as a butterfly’s.

I asked the King where Jesus was and he indicated a thick door to His left. I went to the door and opened it. I walked inside to a large workroom where Jesus was busy working on a large wooden table. He was sanding and carving the edges. I noticed how strong Jesus was, and he was sweaty from working hard on the table. It was to be a table for the Feast.


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As I worshiped, I looked up and saw his eyes and they were like fire.

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